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Here at Acupuncture Studio, we take pride in the level of attention and skill we bring to our work. 


More than a decade since its birth the mission of the practice remains the same: to provide patient-focused natural medicine to enhance the health and lives of the people that we serve.


It is with our patients and their well-being in mind that we have created our newest location with a soothing and healing atmosphere, infused with our passion for the power of natural medicine.

*Online booking for
   Bay ridge location only*


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Gift Cards

Purchase a gift card for an Initial Acupuncture treatment or follow up treatment!

*Bay ridge location only*

patient testimonials

Joann B.

I can't say enough wonderful things about The Accupuncture Studio! My finding them has literally changed my life, and my lifestyle.


Julia and Javier are gentle and skilled healers that have jump started a complete health turn around for me. I feel better, stronger,and younger than I have in 20 years. Try it, you won't regret it!

Gretchen V.

I've gotten a lot of acupuncture treatments over the years, so I was thrilled to see this studio open right around the corner from me!

The space is beautiful, and I really liked the long intake with Julia. The treatment was great, and she made me feel very comfortable. 

Dana G.

If I could give the Acupuncture Studio 10 stars I would! Julia and Javier thoroughly listen to your issues and properly diagnose and treat your specific concerns each time you visit. 

They have helped me in more ways than one, relieving anxiety, stress and insomnia (and these aren't even the issues I am primarily being treated for!).

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